Bellingham Bees Laws

B. Hives or colonies of bees shall be kept in a manner in which they are inaccessible to the general public and so that bee movements to and from the hive do not interfere with the ordinary movements of persons on adjacent properties or the public right-of-way. No person shall locate a beehive within 25 feet of any property line except:

1. When the hive is situated eight feet or more above the grade immediately adjacent to the subject lot; or

2. When the hive is situated less than eight feet above the grade immediately adjacent to the subject lot and behind a solid fence or hedge at least six feet in height running parallel to any property line and extending at least 20 feet beyond the hive in both directions.

All colonies must be registered with the Director of the Department of Agriculture of the state of Washington as provided in RCW 15.60.021. The terms “hive,” “colony,” “colonies of bees” and “bees” as used in this section shall have the meanings set forth in RCW 15.60.005.