Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association 1st Annual Blossom Survey

The keen beekeeper has their Beekeeper Eye watching for blossoms and wondering what, when and where will see blossoms. With this in mind, we are inviting all MBBA club members and Whatcom County Residents to complete the MBBA FIRST ANNUAL BLOSSOM SURVEY!

We are collecting information on the very first blossom you see of an tree, bush, plant. This way we can put together a collection of the when various trees, bushes, plants start to bloom.

The Survey is quick and easy. Information collected will be tallied each month and posted in Mt. Baker Beekeepers Assocation Newsletter – BeeBits. Your personal information i.e. name, will not be posted. You can also upload a photo of the blossom and with your permission your photo may be posted on BeeBits!

What if I see one type of blossom, then the next day I see a blossom on a different tree, bush or plant, can I complete this survey again?
Yes, you can complete the survey as often as you would like for each new type of blossom you see.

This is a simple survey which we believe will be of interest to beekeepers now and for future reference.