Welcome to the Board Room

Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association (MBBA) is a Washington State Nonprofit 501 (c)3 Corporation, Federally tax-exempt charity. We are dedicated to conduct charitable, scientific, literary and educational work. The affairs of MBBA is managed by a Board of Directors, utilize bylaws as a tool, how to manage club business.

Board meeting are conducted each month and are open to club members and public during the “Open Forum” session at the beginning of each monthly meetings. This time is set aside at each board meeting to be given to club members and the public opportunity to come sit in on our board meetings and comment during Open Forum session.

Open Forum Session Guidelines 1) MBBA Open Forum will not exceed 30 minutes in total 2) Each speaker’s comments will not exceed three (3) minutes in duration 3) Speaker’s are to discuss MBBA club business only 4) Speaker will wait to be recognized by MBBA Chairman of the Board 5) Speakers will the Board as a whole and not address individual board or officer members directly 6) Speakers will state the following before making comment; Full name, Organization they represent (if applicable), agenda item or matter of MBBA business they wish to discuss 7) Chairman of the Board will enforce the the ground rules set forth above

Question; What if I can’t attend this meeting? Answer; We definitely want to hear what you have to say, please email; secretary@mtbakerbeekeepers.org and the secretary will provide your comment to the Mt. Baker Beekeepers Board and Officer.

Board of Directors are made up of dedicated volunteer individuals who brings their own special talent and knowledge to the MBBA Board;

  • President; Ruthie Danielsen
  • Vice President; Dawn Beck
  • Treasurer; Marco Hubert
  • Secretary; Jon Moore
  • Website Admin; Jon Moore/Gail Buce
  • Board Member; Chris Aanestad
  • Board Member; Gail Buce
  • Board Member; Daryl Hill
  • Bee Bits Editor; Gail Buce
  • Honorary Lifetime Status of Board and Club Member; Jo Miller