Beekeeper Certification Courses

Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association proudly offers WASBA Beekeeping Certification Courses several times a year;

This is a WASBA Beginning Beekeeper Certification – includes WASBA membership, beginner workbook, certification test. We will open classes again in the near future. 

This is a WASBA Apprentice Beekeeper Certification – online class includes WASBA membership, apprentice workbook, patch, certification test. NOTE: Apprentice Certification requires completion of the Beginning Course and at least 1 year of beekeeping experience.  We will open classes again in the near future. 

 Who’s interested in working on Beekeeper Certifications? 

 The curriculum will follow the Washington State Beekeepers Association Master Beekeepers Program (WASBA).  

For those of you who already hold the Beginner Level, have been beekeeping for a year, and are a member of a local association (like the MBBA), you may obtain the APPRENTICE level certification.   We plan to begin classes for the APPRENTICE level classes early next year. 

 For those of you who have completed the Apprentice level, the MBBA will offer the JOURNEYMAN level, likely again in 2024  The requirements are rigorous for the Journeyman level; after completing the Apprentice level the candidate must: achieve 35 service points, keep colonies for 3 years, maintain a beekeeping journal for 2 years, mentor a new beekeeper, pass the Journeyman test with a score of 85%, and pass the Journeyman Field Test Report with a score of at least 90%, which will be administered by a Master Beekeeper.  Please contact Jon Moore to sign up at the link below.

Thank you to everyone who supports your local bee club’s education efforts!

If you would like to be put on our waiting list for upcoming Educational Events! Please email