MBBA Honey Judging


Northwest Washington Fair Judging Categories and entry information:

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  • Limit one entry per class per exhibitor.
  • All entries must be the product of the entrant’s apiary and must have been produced within 12 months prior to show.
  • Exhibited honey shall be clear, have appropriate viscosity, moisture content, sugar content, density, be free from foreign material, smoke, and/or fermentation.
  • Identifying labels attached to entries are forbidden.
  • All liquid honey shall not exceed 18.6% moisture.
  • Two jars of honey per entry, unless otherwise noted.
  • Classes 1-4, Liquid honey should be entered in 16 oz Queenline glass style jars with white metal lids.
  • Class 5, wood or plastic frame, wrapped in a single layer plastic or in a large Ziploc bag. Frame may be hung on a handmade stand or handed in hanging inside a box.
  • Class 6, Creamed honey should be entered in 12 oz wide mouth glass jars.
  • Class 7, Chunk honey should cut to size and in pint wide mouth glass jars.
  • Class 8, Beeswax one pound or more, in one block, unwrapped.
  • Class 9, Novelty jar judged on 50% honey quality and 50% presentation.
  • Class 10, Cut comb honey should be 2 samples in containers with lids approximately 4 inches by 4 inches.
  • Contact Susan at 818-259-9057 with any honey questions or for help finding correct jars.PREMIUMS: Blue $3.00 Red $2.50 White $2.00 CLASS NUMBERS

1. White, jar

2. Light, Amber, jar

3. Amber, jar

4. Dark Amber, jar

5. Honey Extracting, frame

6. Creamed Honey, jar

7. Chunk Honey, jar

8. Beeswax, pound

9. Novelty Honey Jar 10. Cut Comb Honey

PREMIUMS: Blue $12.50 Red $10.00 White $7.50
11. Hive product exhibit – judged on originality, presentation, and neatness