Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association (MBBA) Leadership Team is comprised of elected Officers and Board Members. Each year in November, current MBBA members have the opportunity to volunteer to be Officers and or Board Members. Your 2022 Officers and Board Members look forward to continuing the momentum to be the leading force of positive changes and modernization to MBBA organization.

MBBA Officers and Board Members

President; Ruthie Danielsen

Vice President; Dawn Beck

Treasurer; Marco Hubert

Secretary; Jon Moore

Board Member; Chris Aanestad

Board Member; Gail Buce

Board Member; Daryl Hill

Website Editors; Jon Moore/Gail Buce

Apiary Coordinator; Dawn Beck

Bee-Bits Editor; Gail Buce

Honorary Lifetime Status Club Members; Jo Miller and Hubertus Kohn

Thank you Jo Miller, for all you have done for Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association, your vast beekeeping knowledge, MBBA historical information and dedicated club member for over 50 years!