We are Whatcom County Beekeepers and Beekeeper enthusiasts, who are eager to share with you our passion and knowledge about keeping bees in Whatcom County. We exist to promote common interest and general welfare of beekeeping, encourage good bee management and encourage good relationships between beekeepers and the public. Please join us! Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association offers;

  • Monthly Meetings. Everyone is welcome and they are free and open to public. Our meetings provide Learning Opportunities to discuss newbie topics, advanced beekeeping and what is going on in Whatcom County and we may a speaker as well.
  • Volunteer Opportunities. In the past we have participated in Community Events such as Lynden Fair. We also have started Bee Committees such as Asian Giant Hornet, Honeybee Queen Rearing and Shady Lane to name a few!
  • Beekeeper Networking. Meet other interested in Beekeeping.
  • Equipment Check Out. Members are able to have check out free of charge for use of Honey Extractors and Mighty Mite Thermal System.
  • Swarm Catcher. Qualified members may participate in this fantastic public service opportunity to help the community out and when called upon go out and catch honeybee swarms.

Your Membership includes an auto subscription to Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association BeeBits Newsletter. BeeBits is send out monthly and will keep you informed on the clubs activities, including meeting agendas and upcoming events!

Membership Options  for 2024
Single/1 Vote; $21
Family/1 Vote;$31
Family Plus/2 Votes; $41
Student/Non-Voting; $5

Directions; Online Application complete form is on this page in section below. Don’t forget to select your PayPal payment to pay for your membership amount (PayPal fee of $1 is included in Membership amount) and hit “SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION“.