Hygienic Testing Field Day

August 28, 2022

The Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association will be testing the colonies in the club apiary for hygienic behavior using the liquid nitrogen technique as well as the pin prick technique. 

To test hygienic behavior, an area of capped pupae is frozen with liquid nitrogen and the results are graded 24 hours later by determining how much brood has been removed.  The pin prick technique is similar, but the pupae is impaled with a pin, then brood removal is judged 24 hours later.


We will already have some colonies frozen and pricked the day before, so that Mt Baker Club members can experience both how to conduct the test and how to analyze the results.

Hygienic behavior is an extremely important colony trait since it can protect a colony from all brood diseases, and help with varroa detection. 

We will also discuss the difference between Hygienic behavior, SMR behavior (suppressed mite reproduction), VSH behavior (varroa sensitive hygiene), and the UBO testing (unhealthy brood odor) that is on the horizon.

Come take advantage of these amazing learning opportunities that the Mt. Baker Bee Club offers!

What: Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association Field Day on Hygienic Testing

Where: Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association Apiary
(Located at 1727 Shady Lane)

When:  August 28th from 1pm-3pm

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