NOTE per Washington State Department of Agriculture;

If you have Asian giant hornets attacking your hive, we have a new hive attack hotline number you can call and get a live person: 


This number is for active Asian giant hornet hive attacks only!

Washington State Department of Agriculture is also asking that rather than killing AGH if you see them, that you note which way they are flying and report them to us at or Killing a hornet won’t do much good at this point but knowing where they are flying could lead us to a nest.

If you suspect an sighting of an Asian giant hornet and it is in Washington, please use the Washington State Department of Agriculture Hornet Watch Report Form -> REPORT WA SIGHTING

Additional Hornet monitoring has been added this year.  You don’t need to set traps or do anything special other than observe paper wasp nest that may be in the eaves of your home.  Information on this program can be found here: agbriefs

If the suspected sighting location is not in Washington, please contact your state or province’s agriculture department to report the pest.