Would you like to part of the MBBA Swarm Catchers?

MBBA offers swarm catching as a service to our local community.   Our list of MBBA Swarm Catchers will be posted on this website and is also be provided to 911 Dispatchers.

Requirements to be a MBBA Swarm Catcher;

  • Be an active paying member of the MBBA
  • Have at least 2 years of active beekeeping experience
  • Consider yourself an experienced beekeeper
  • Understand how to proficiently rescue a swarm

If you fit this criteria and want to be part of this great volunteer opportunity as a Swarm Catcher, send an email to Jon Moore at: secretary@mtbakerbeekeepers.org 

In your email, please include your 1) Name 2) Beekeeping experience 3) Phone Number 4) Place(s) that you’re willing to catch a swarm  5) If you’re willing to perform a cut out 6) Interested in donating swarm to club apiary. For example:  John Doe, 10 years beekeeping experience running average of 5 colonies, (360)555-5555, Bellingham, No Cut Out, Yes donating swarm.